Acupuncture & herbs for dysmenorrhea

To share one case of treating dysmenorrhea in our practice

33-year-old lady, with heavy menstrual cramps, since the very first cycle. This heavy menstrual cramp affects her work and life every month, to the point she cannot bare it anymore. The pain starts during the menstruation and sometimes even after the menstruation, with cold sensation in the lower abdomen. The pain can be released by warmth, but sometimes it can get so bad that she must take paracetamol or even diclofenac to suppress the pain. Menstruation is small amount with dark color, usually with blood clots. Other symptoms include weakness of the legs and back, transparent urine. She must go to the toile to pee at least twice at night. Sleep is full of dreams, sometimes nightmares. Her face is quite pale. Her tongue coating is white and moist, and the pulse is deep and slow. She feels cold in general, especially in the hands and feet. She must wear socks to turn on the electric blanket when going to sleep. This is a typical case of Yang deficiency, with coldness in the womb. Treatment: first 8 weeks, once a week acupuncture, combined with Herbal combination Shen Qi Wan with modifications. Throughout the two cycles, the menstrual cramps noticeably reduced, but not completely gone the whole body feel warmer. Followed with 7 times acupuncture, once every two weeks, combined with herbal combination You Gui Wan with modifications. Food advice: drink warm water or tea, and try to eat warm 3 meals a day, no cold raw salad, no cold smoothie, try to eat more warm soup as well. I also advised her to do foot bath every evening before bed.  She came back for acupuncture because she wants to give a boost to her energy. While asked about menstrual cramps, she said much better than before, and she doesn’t need to take painkiller anymore.

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