Acupuncture & herbs for irregular menstrual cycles

To share one case of treating irregular menstruation cycle in our practice

29-year-old lady, irregular menstruation for more than 2 years. Sometimes 20 days in a cycle, sometimes 45 days. In the first few months, she did not take any action or check-up because she thought it would somehow get normal by itself. When she was finally checked at the GP, they could not find anything abnormal. The period usually lasts for 3 days, with 2 days normal amount and the 3rd day is almost gone. She has no menstrual cramps, the blood is bright red. Other symptoms include difficulty falling asleep and wake up between 1-3 am. Lots of anxiety and overthinking, stress about work and relationship. There is constipation, sometime skipping a day or two, usually with dry stool. Bitter taste in the mouth in the morning. Red tongue tip and thin, dry, yellow tongue coating. Conclusion: gallbladder fire uprising. No appetite in the morning. Easily irritated.  I used 12 acupuncture sessions in total, once a week. When she came for the treatment, she just finished 3 day menstruation period, with only 18 days in between the previous cycle. During the treatment, menstrual cycle extends to 24 days, 27 days and 29 days. After 2 month, she came for Tuina massage, because she felt her shoulders and lower back were tense due to her sitting job. And she said the following two months were 28 days and 29 days per cycle.  In this case, main acupuncture points: Tai Chong, Xing Jian, Yang Lin Quan, Qu Chi, Yin Tang, Xiao Hai. Main herbal formula Long Dan Xie Gan Tang, Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San with modifications.

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