Acupuncture for neck and shoulder pain

We have received a lot of clients with this complaint in our daily practice. Some have acute attack, such as getting stiff neck after sleeping in wrong position or even unable to move the neck properly. Most of the cases are chronic neck and shoulder tension, which are closely related to stress level and energy level. While pressing the acupressure points Jian Jin, Tian Zong, Feng Chi, clients can feel quite painful, sometimes knots are also formed. We use Tuina massage to loosen up the muscle layer and then use acupuncture to loosen up the meridian layer, to stimulate the blood circulation and energy flow. Local acupressure points such as Jian Jin, Tian Zong, Ju Gu, Feng Chi, Qu Chi are usually chosen, and distal points such as Zu San Li, San Yin Jiao are also often chosen. Usually after the first session, clients can feel immediate relief. But five to ten sessions are usually followed up to make the effect more stable.

In some cases, herbs are also used to return the internal balance of the body and to stabilize the effect of treatment. For instance, herbal combinations to reduce stress, improve energy level, soothe the Liver Qi stagnation, or reduce the Liver Fire are often used.

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