TCM & female infertility: blood Stasis

Manifestations: In this pattern of infertility, patients usually have delayed menstruation or normal cycle, extreme cramping during menstruation, the amount of the blood is sometimes a lot, sometimes very little. The blood color is purple or dark with blood clots. When the blood clots are secreted, the pain will be reduced. Sometimes the menstruation is lingering with spotting for a long time, or bleeding between two menstrual cycles. Some patients have prolapsing sensation in the anus area or experience painful intercourse; The tongue is usually purple dark, or with purple spots on the margin of the tongue. Tongue coating is usually white and thin, with wiry, thin and choppy pulse. [15]

Syndrome analysis: When there is blood stasis blocking in the uterine vessel, causing disharmony of the thoroughfare and conception vessels, the menstruation is usually delayed. And when blood stasis blocks the free flow of Qi, there will be cramping during menstruation. The dark purple blood color or blood clots indicate such blockage. When the blood is not flowing smoothly, it gets stuck, overtime, it forms into clots, just like the sewage in each household, when there is blockage, there will be clots somewhere in the drainage pipe. Due to such blood stasis blocking the uterine vessel, the blood will fail to flow in the vessels and channels, therefore there will be menorrhagia (prolonged bleeding), or slight bleeding during two menstrual cycles, for instance, during ovulation, when there should be no bleeding at all. The purple tongue or dark spots on the tongue is an indication of blood stasis. [15]

Treatment principles:

The treatment principle is to dispel blood stasis, regulate menstruation in order to assist getting pregnant. [15]

Herbal formula and analysis: Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang

The basic formula is Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang by Dr. Wang Qing Ren. This formula is especially useful when applied from first day of the menstruation and take it for 5 days in a roll, this can help dissolve the blood stasis in the uterine area, in order to help with pregnancy.

The composition of this formula is: Xiao Hui Xiang3, Gan Jiang 1, Yan Hu Suo 3, MoYao6, Dang Gui 9, Chuan Xiong 6, RouGui 3, ChiShao 6, Pu Huang 9, Wu Ling Zhi 6 [15]

The main function of this formula is to activate blood and dispel blood stasis, warm the uterine vessels and channels and stop pain. This formula mainly treats blood stasis in the lower abdominal area, with sharp pain or sometimes no pain. Or with pain but no visible and tangible clots, agglomerated particle, distension in the lower abdomen, lower back pain during menstruation, menorrhagia or dripping, or period comes 2 or 3 times a month, with purple or dark blood, accompanied with blood clots. uterine bleeding; metrorrhagia in some cases.

When there is no clear manifestation of blood stasis in the uterine area, this formula is not suitable. This formula can be used to treat uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, calculus in bladder and urethra, lower abdomen contusion. But of course, despite the naming of these disease, syndrome differentiation is the key, only when these diseases fall into this pattern of syndrome differentiation, this formula can be considered and used. [24]

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