Costs & Refunds

Insurance refund

Our licensed acupuncturist and herbalist is a member of Zhong (Nederlandse vereniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde), which is recognized by most of the insurance companies. If you have aanvullend verzekering, usually acupuncture is covered. Please check your insurance to see how much is covered and the list of insurance companies associated with Zhong.

Insurance coverage acupuncture 2021 by zorgwijzer:
You need to pay at the practice first, with the invoice you can claim the refund fully or partially from your insurance company.

If you want to compare what each insurance company refunds acupuncture, please refer to this link:



Intake consultation: €25

Intake consultation & acupuncture: €65

Follow-up acupuncture per session: €50

Ear acupuncture per session: €30

Cupping: €30


Tuina massage 30 min: €30

Tuina massage 60 min: €60

Tuina massage 90 min: €85

Acupucture + Tuina massage: between €70 to €95


Foot reflexology 30 min: €30

Foot reflexology 60 min: €60

Pedicure + foot reflexology: €60

Follow-up herbal consultation per session: €20 (excluding the cost of herbs)

Herbal granules per course (10 days):  €50

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