Chinese herbal therapy

“Treating people, instead of treating the disease; treating the causes, instead of suppressing the symptoms” that’s the principle of using Chinese herbal medicine. In Western medicine, patent formulas (established formulas) are mainly used. In TCM, the herbalists use individual ingredients that form a tailor-made formula to treat the complaints.

For many people in the West, acupuncture is the best-known traditional Chinese medicine, but in China, herbal medicine is held in higher regard. Where acupuncture removes the blockages in the meridians of the body, herbal therapy ensures that the “land is fertile and good crops can grow”. The goal of herbal therapy is to restore balance in the body. That is why the therapist always looks at the total picture: not just the complaints, but also, for example, the lifestyle and eating habits of a patient.

sleep disorders
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
menopause discomforts
hay fever
digestive disorders
heart rhythm disorders
menstrual disorders
infertility support
urinary track infection
fungal infection
hair loss

Depending on the diagnosis, the therapist may combine the herbs with other treatments, such as acupuncture, cupping or moxa.

Safety of herbal ingredients:
Important to know: all Zhong therapists work according to the international CITES treaty, to which more than 150 countries have joined. This treaty contains agreements of the international trade on prohibiting using endangered animals and plant species. So you don’t have to worry that the treatment contains prohibited ingredients. In addition to TCM, therapists affiliated with the Zhong have had training in Western medicine. Their use of Chinese medicinal products is therefore completely safe and reliable.
We strongly advise you to consult with a licensed TCM herbalist before taking the herbs, rather than buying herbs from the shops or internet, because although the herbs do have the positive effects stated on the label, it may not be suitable for your body constitution. Wrongly taking the herbs without supervision from the professionals can bring unwanted effects.

How to take them?
Apart from raw herbs that require cooking, we also have herbal granules, which you can dissolve in hot water and drink as a tea.

Duration & dosage
Usually, a herbal cure takes, depending on the client’s health condition, a minimum of 2 weeks. The usual dosage for adults is 5 grams of granules a day, unless stated otherwise.